By James Frith (@jamesfrith

Let’s support our Labour MP’s, and all those across the house, in their parliamentary call for the Dubs scheme to be re-opened. And bring this again to the attention of fair minded, charitable people of faith and those with none all over the country. Britain’s longstanding tradition of international fairness and providing refuge for those facing persecution and death are welcome here.

One such man of this proud history is Lord Alf Dubs himself, peer and former refugee, whose amendment to the Immigration Act of 2016 is a commitment aimed at helping some of the 90,000 unaccompanied migrant children across Europe. The amendment initially saw the government to agree to take up to 3,000 Syrian Child Refugees but is now being shut down after only 350 at the end of March. What a disgrace. Please help defend the cause of orphans and child refugees.

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